Charles Tilson
  Key Competencies: Change Management, Knowledge Management, Coaching, Performance Improvement
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Career Development, Science of Learning, Human Capital
  Laura Reza
  Key Competencies: Managing Learning Programs, Change Management, Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Learning Technologies, Coaching
  Communities of Practice: Management, Learning and Development, Senior Leaders and Executives, Healthcare, Science of Learning
Past President
  Sam Caballero, CPLP
  Key Competencies: Performance Improvement, Change Management, Managing Learning Programs, Evaluating Learning Impact
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Learning Technology, Management, Government
VP Community Development

  Norma Reyna
  Key Competencies:
  Communities of Practice:
VP Finance
  Henry Garcia
  Key Competencies: Training Delivery, Performance Improvement, Coaching, Change Management, Knowledge
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Management, Government, Senior Leaders & Executives
VP Marketing & Communications

  Michael Crowley
  Key Competencies: Training Delivery, Change Management, Knowledge Management
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Management, Government
VP Membership
  Tracey Contreras
  Key Competencies: Training Delivery, Coaching
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Career Development
VP Special Events

  Loretta LaPoint
  Key Competencies:
  Communities of Practice:
VP Talent Development
  Andrea Soriano, CPLP
  Key Competencies: Coaching, Training Delivery, Knowledge Management, Managing Learning Systems
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Career Development, Human Capital
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