Laura Reza, Ed.D.
  Key Competencies: Managing Learning Programs, Change Management, Performance Improvement,
                                  Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Learning Technologies, Coaching
  Communities of Practice: Management, Learning and Development, Senior Leaders and Executives, Healthcare,
                                           Science of Learning
  Key Competencies
  Communities of Practice
Past President
  Charles Tilson
  Key Competencies: Change Management, Knowledge Management, Coaching, Performance Improvement
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Career Development, Science of Learning, Human Capital
VP Community Development

  Kay Williams, M.Ed.
  Key Competencies Instructional Design, Learning Technologies, Training Delivery, Evaluating Learning Impact
  Communities of PracticeLearning Development, Learning Technologies
VP Finance
  Michael Crowley
  Key Competencies: Training Delivery, Change Management, Knowledge Management
  Communities of Practice:  Learning & Development, Management, Government
VP Marketing & Communications
  RaChelle Streetman
  Key Competencies: Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Learning Technologies,
                                  Evaluating Learning Impact, Managing Learning Programs, Coaching 
  Communities of Practice: Career Development, Learning Development, Management
VP Membership
  Tracey Contreras
  Key Competencies: Training Delivery, Coaching
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Career Development
VP Special Events

  Sam Caballero, CPLP
  Key Competencies: Performance Improvement, Change Management, Managing Learning Programs,
                                  Evaluating Learning Impact
  Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, Learning Technology, Management, Government
VP Talent Development
  Matt Guiver
  Key Competencies: Coaching, Training Delivery, Instructional Design, Performance Improvement
  Communities of Practice: Senior Leaders and Executives, Management, Learning and Development, Human Capital, Career Development
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