Creating a community that works better.


To empower professionals to develop knowledge & skills successfully.

Purpose and Activities

Our purpose is to provide leadership and resources to training and talent development professionals in business, industry, government and education interested in enhancing work-related skills, knowledge, competence, and performance by offering these activities:

  1. Providing leadership in the field of training and talent development in order to assist management to develop and maintain a competent work force;
  2. Promoting continuity of effective organization leadership by assisting management in motivating career-minded personnel to achieve individual growth goals;
  3. Promoting an understanding of training and talent development as a basic responsibility of management;
  4. Encouraging appropriate research and publishing results in the fields of training and talent development;
  5. Providing means for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, skills and attributes about training and talent development;
  6. Encouraging educational institutions to provide programs for the preparation and growth of training and talent development practitioners;
  7. Building active relationships with individuals or groups concerned and interested in specialized areas within the broad fields of training and talent development.
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