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eLearning Lunch & Learn: Technology Adoption

  • Wed, February 23, 2011
  • 11:00 AM - 12:59 PM
  • County Line Bar-B-Q, 10101 IH 10 West, San Antonio, TX 78230

Technology Adoption

Have you tried to roll out new technology in your organization, but have run into resistance?  Have you found that some people are willing and ready to use it, but others do not even want to try?

OK, we, as learning technology people, are in the business of change management.  We want to improve how well an organization functions by improving its people.   Change in an organization starts with an individual.  So let’s change the individual, right?   But how?

Think about the questions below on the use of learning technology.  About yourself and others.   Why is it that some people adopt new technologies?   Is it influenced by the kind of technology?  So the question I have for us to discuss is this:  What factors influence technology adoption?

  • How do we convince individuals to start using a new technology? 
  • Think of why some people adopt technology and others don’t.  What does your boss use?  Your colleagues?  
  • What technologies are easily adopted? 
  • I have two sons.  Both use IMs, email, but rarely text on their cell phone.   Why?
  • At my former place of work, my bosses received about 150 emails a day, but didn’t know how to send a calendar appointment to others.   Why?
  • Who blogs and who doesn’t blog?  
  • Do you ning?   Why or why not?
  • Do you use Google docs but can’t get others to use them?  

Think about these questions. Think of the settings in which technology is used.  Think of the people in your organization, customer organizations, and family.  Let’s collaboratively build a model to explain why technology gets adopted.   Be prepared to talk! 


eLearning Lunch & Learn Meeting
Wednesday, February 23
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


County Line Bar-B-Q
10101 IH 10 West (between Wurzbach and Huebner)
San Antonio, TX 78230


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