What is the Learning and Performance Summit (LEAPS)?

We bring together those who are passionate about talent development in the workplace. We call on attendees, presenters, and exhibitors to spend a day sharing new ideas, networking with peers, and learning about the latest trends and resources. This year's theme is Re-Imagining Your Capabilities & Connections

This year's fall conference will be held completely virtually on Friday, September 25, 2020 !  Registration is now open!

Unlock & Amplify with Rick Lozano!


Leaders, teams, individuals, we all have that next great version of ourselves just waiting to be unleashed. What will it take and how can we get there sooner? We’ll show you!

Tapping into our potential creates a world of new opportunities, produces better results, and leverages the talent you already have to get the results you need. But it requires creating an environment for that potential to be realized.

In Rick Lozano's Unlock & Amplify keynote, we'll learn how to do just that, and have a rocking good time while we do it!

Rick Lozano is a keynote speaker, musician, and founder of Unlock & Amplify, a company dedicated to helping people unleash their potential and amplify their value. He is the author of the forthcoming book, "Acoustic Leadership - Developing A Leadership Culture That Resonates" and can be found at ricklozano.com.

What topics will be covered at the Fall Conference?

With the theme of Re-Imagining Your Capabilities & Connections, all of our sessions will demonstrate a way to take capabilities of the ATD Talent Development Capability Model™  to the next level!  Our Speaker page will be launching soon.

How can I participate as a 2020 Sponsor?

As a sponsor, you can cater the flexible benefits to meet your needs.  In addition to our yearly sponsorship levels, we offer LEAPS 2020 Sponsorship à la carte.  Visit our Sponsors tab to learn more.  Contact us with additional questions and ideas.

How can volunteer during the conference?

Please complete the online volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering.  We will contact you with follow-up questions and opportunities.

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